Tech’s sell out streak in jeopardy

BLACKSBURG – Virginia Tech’s string of 93 consecutive sell outs at Lane Stadium is in jeopardy heading into Saturday’s home opener against Western Carolina.
Hokies athletic director Jim Weaver said Wednesday he does not expect to be able to sell out the game.
“No,  I don’t,” Weaver said. “It’s always disappointing when you’re not able to keep something going, such as this. But when you look across the country and read in the literature that the Alabamas have had some trouble, and Florida had problems, it’s something that we’re all dealing with.”
Tech has about 3,900 unsold tickets remaining as of lunchtime Wednesday. Part of that number comes from Western Carolina, an FCS team that has lost 11 straight games, returning 3,400 tickets it was unable to sell.
Hokies coach Frank Beamer was asked about the possible end of the streak during his press conference on Tuesday.
“Our fans have always been great and I think part of it was Western Carolina didn’t sell their part of the tickets,” Beamer said. “But our fans have always been great and always been supportive and I’m hoping that we’ll get that thing sold out by Saturday.”
Virginia Tech’s run of sellouts began with the final home game of the 1998 season against rival Virginia.
Since then, Lane Stadium has been one of the most popular and talked-about places to watch a college football game, despite holding just 65,632 fans, not large by major college football standards.
Saturday, the Hokies will unveil their new video scoreboard and Weaver hopes that the game will attract a decent walk up crowd, possibly giving fans who haven’t been to Lane before the opportunity to take in a game.
He doesn’t think the atmosphere will suffer any if a few thousand tickets go unsold.
“I think it’ll be virtually the same,” Weaver said. “When you have two or three thousand tickets that are unsold, most times it’s very difficult to see where the unsold seats are. People spread out.”